Calm Waters


I always saw myself as a fisherman/woman, but truth be told, I never had the pleasure of going fishing until my husband suggested it. I still don’t know very much about fishing, but everything I do know, he taught me. I can now fix my fishing line after it gets caught in a nearby tree. I can bait my own hook and only stick myself twice. I can throw my line into the water without hitting anyone around me in the head (most of the time), and I can pull my own catch from the water (somewhat).

I am no longer afraid that I’ll catch a catfish so big that it’ll pull me into the water and cause me to drown, and I don’t get bored out of my mind while waiting for something to happen.

During our last trip, I realized that our marriage is much like fishing, and there is a valuable lesson to be learned:

When the waters are calm and smooth, enjoy them.

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Win the Battle or the War?

The saying goes “I may have lost the battle, but I will win the war” – or something very similar. Currently, I am in the process of battling with my inner self. I hear her saying Focus on the battle. Tell him what you think, and do whatever you have to to get your way. Alternately, I keep telling my inner self to shut the fuck up and be happy with what I have – life is about the ultimate war.

I’m not really sure what the answer is, which is the problem.

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Between the Two of Us

There are two things I know to be true about my marriage:

  1. The sex is just as good as it was when we met in 2006.
  2. If I had married anyone else, I would have cheated to be with him.

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New Normal

So this is what it’s like when your significant other cheats…

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The Exchange

He asked what was wrong.

I asked him if he was sure he wanted to have this conversation now. His friend was waiting in the car.

He looked nervous. He knew what I had to say was bad, but he didn’t know what to expect.

I told him to have a seat.

He did.

I asked the question outright – “Who is she?”

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It has been two months since I first tried to write this post, and now that I am in the healing process, I guess it is time to tell the story…

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…the levees gave way, and I
am broken.


Dumpster Diving

So, it was a typical Friday night…

…and then it turned interesting.

I decided to be social for a change and take my co-worker up on an offer to meet her for Food Truck Friday. I’ve always wanted to go, and I jumped at the open Facebook invitation. It was hot. The music was loud, but the food was great – so much so that I had a bag full of food that I couldn’t wait to take home to my husband to devour. He loves good food, and I hated that he couldn’t be there with me to enjoy such a good time.

It was about 8:15 p.m., and we were getting cupcakes to wrap up our feast before leaving when I received a text from my husband saying he lost his keys at work and had already been searching for them for 30 minutes. I immediately knew the night was going to get longer if I had to go get him from his part-time job.

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Waiting for the Levees to Break

I recently viewed a Facebook video post showing a girl who, at first, celebrates how great her life had been in recent times. She points out how things were flowing so smoothly – her friendships were good, her relationship with God was growing, and her health was blossoming. Then, she loudly proclaims, “All of a sudden, [someone] comes along and fucks shit up…”

My mom, sisters, and I shared a few laughs over this video. Such a pretty girl with everything going for her was having such a hard time coping with the fact that nothing lasts forever…especially happiness. While her pain was comedic, going from complete happiness to anger to sadness in just a matter of seconds, I find myself drawn to the video, watching it over and over, laughing at her sudden and random outburst and how it ultimately turns into crying at her own overwhelming anger. But truthfully, there is something about the video that seems rather cautionary… Continue reading

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“Ratchet” TV Hits Home

Monday night in our home and in the home of some of our friends is referred to as “Ratchet” (the real word is “wretched”) TV Night. It’s on Monday that we sit down to watch reality TV shows that are sometimes violent, ridiculous, mind-boggling, and just an all-around hot mess. Most people I know who watch, like me, entertain the reality TV foolishness because it is mindless for us – plots, storylines, and characters that warrant little to no higher-order thinking skills. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the storylines are scripted, and the interactions are mostly staged.
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