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Calm Waters


I always saw myself as a fisherman/woman, but truth be told, I never had the pleasure of going fishing until my husband suggested it. I still don’t know very much about fishing, but everything I do know, he taught me. I can now fix my fishing line after it gets caught in a nearby tree. I can bait my own hook and only stick myself twice. I can throw my line into the water without hitting anyone around me in the head (most of the time), and I can pull my own catch from the water (somewhat).

I am no longer afraid that I’ll catch a catfish so big that it’ll pull me into the water and cause me to drown, and I don’t get bored out of my mind while waiting for something to happen.

During our last trip, I realized that our marriage is much like fishing, and there is a valuable lesson to be learned:

When the waters are calm and smooth, enjoy them.

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