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Win the Battle or the War?

The saying goes “I may have lost the battle, but I will win the war” – or something very similar.¬†Currently, I am in the process of battling with my inner self. I hear her saying¬†Focus on the battle. Tell him what you think, and do whatever you have to to get your way. Alternately, I keep telling my inner self to shut the fuck up and be happy with what I have – life is about the ultimate war.

I’m not really sure what the answer is, which is the problem.

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Between the Two of Us

There are two things I know to be true about my marriage:

  1. The sex is just as good as it was when we met in 2006.
  2. If I had married anyone else, I would have cheated to be with him.

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New Normal

So this is what it’s like when your significant other cheats…

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