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Waiting for the Levees to Break

I recently viewed a Facebook video post showing a girl who, at first, celebrates how great her life had been in recent times. She points out how things were¬†flowing so smoothly – her friendships were good, her relationship with God was growing, and her health was blossoming. Then, she loudly proclaims, “All of a sudden, [someone] comes along and fucks shit up…”

My mom, sisters, and I shared a few¬†laughs over this video. Such a pretty girl with everything going for her was having such a hard time coping with the fact that nothing lasts forever…especially happiness. While her pain was comedic, going from complete happiness to anger to sadness in just a matter of seconds, I find myself drawn to the video, watching it over and over, laughing at her sudden and random outburst and how it ultimately turns into crying at her own overwhelming anger. But truthfully, there is something about the video that seems rather cautionary… Continue reading

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