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“Ratchet” TV Hits Home

Monday night in our home and in the home of some of our friends is referred to as “Ratchet” (the real word is “wretched”) TV Night. It’s on Monday that we sit down to watch reality TV shows that are sometimes violent, ridiculous, mind-boggling, and just an all-around hot mess. Most people I know who watch, like me, entertain the reality TV foolishness because it is mindless for us – plots, storylines, and characters that warrant little to no higher-order thinking skills. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the storylines are scripted, and the interactions are mostly staged.
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Keep It Endearing

Years ago, when the term boo became a popular nickname for one’s significant other, I remember thinking “I am never going to call my man a boo.” It just didn’t make sense to me, probably because my very first pet, a darling golden retriever who mysteriously died while my family was at church, was named Boo. The term boo is also used to scare youngsters when one’s older sibling jumps from around a corner, yelling it loud with their hands outstretched to imitate a boogey-man. Or maybe it was because a boo boo is what little kids say instead of the word injury or scab – such horrible connotations!!!

Fast forward years and years later…

…and my husband is my boo boo.

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